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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sawyer Sez - PBLive catch up - All the episodes to date - 10 of them - here are episodes 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 - 1 is about winning RPL#1, 2 is about WCPPL #1, 3 and 4 are about PSP Arizona, 6 is about NPPL HB

Episode 5 - - about Gear

Episode 7 - - about RPL #2 - Part 1 - about RPL #2 - Part 2

Episode 8 - - interview about LA Infamous

Episode 9 - - about WCPPL #2

Episode 10 - - about RPL #3 - Part 1 - about RPL #3 - Part 2 - about RPL #3 - Part 3 - about RPL #3 - Part 4

The RPL Event #3 Wrap Up

The RPL Event #3 was a blast. For a more detailed story see the wrap up story on

First, the pics. Top - Max'd Kidz getting their 2nd Place trophy. 2nd - Sawyer warming up on Sunday morning for the event. 3rd - Our campsite on the Marine base. 4th - the smithpaintball booth at the event. 5th - More of Sawyer warming up for the playoffs on Sunday morning.

What can we say that isn't in the BallersCafe story? We had fun. It was a great event. More teams should consider playing this series because it is so much fun. We took 2nd Place again and are now in 2nd Place in the Series Overall Points.

Team XSV were the refs again and did a really good job I think, even though we lost in the Finals to GSquad. They beat us straight up in 3 games.

Camping was a lot of fun too. I guess that just about covers it. next event is in Reno and we are looking forward to it.

WCPPL Event #2 at SC Village

WCPPL - First, the pics - Top Chris, Brad, Sawyer and Jonah head out to "Stomp some walk ons" after getting bumped on Sunday. Middle, Sawyer holding the from that Brad caught when we camped on the fields Saturday night. Bottom, our campsite.

The event - There were 36 teams. We made it to Sunday with a 3-1 record. We got robbed by the refs on Sunday. We might have still lost, but they never gave us a chance to find out. Losing 5 bodies in games (none with paint on them) pretty much killed us. Don't have too much more to say about that - sort of like Forest Gump.

It was a great event, we just hate losing to refs instead of paintball teams. Camping at SC Village was a bunch of fun - although there were way too many mosquitos.

Kingman Training and Sawyer

On June 22, 2010 we can tell everyone the big news - until then just know that Sawyer did a video shoot with the Kingman Training crew last week to go along with the photo shoot he did for them in March. On June 22 we can tell everyone what it is all about - but believe us - we think it is really COOL!!!

If anyone needs any Kingman Training gear hit us up!!!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Max'd Kidz adds Bauder Extreme Designs as a sponsor

Max'd Kidz is pleased to announce Bauder Extreme Designs ( to it's sponsorship family. Bauder Extreme Designs will be assisting Max'd Kidz with design work and marketing.

"It's really cool," said Sawyer Smith. "He's (Bauder) has been involved with Max'd Kidz since our first tournament in Las Vegas last year."

Josh Bauder, owner of Bauder Extreme Designs, was at the USPL Workd Championships in October 2009 and photographed the then new Max'd Kidz team, who ended up making it to Sunday in their first event ever.

Bauder Extreme Designs is also responsible for the Max'd Kidz logo which is prominent on their 2010 jerseys as well as all their other marketing.

smithpaintball BLOG STORE now open for business - Buy your gear here

Buy all your gear here from us - well, at least the stuff that we sell :-). Look at the tool bar on the right side of the screen smithpaintball BLOG STORE to see what we currently have in stock.

It changes often and we will update it regularly.

If there is something you want or have questions about just email us at and we will arrange shipping and payment through Paypal, or just answer your questions. Thank you for your support.

Picture of the Week

Sawyer getting warmed up Sunday morning at The RPL. Team made it to Finals but lost in 3 games.

Max'd Kidz 2nd Place in Season Standings so far for both RPL and WCCPL leagues

Freakin' awesome - #2 in both leagues - just need to turn up the heat a little more to get that #1 spot - Here is the link for the WCPPL

Sawyer Sighting

Thomas and Tomcat talk a bit about Max'd Kidz and Sawyer in an interview - skip ahead to 5 minutes and 35 seconds

Random Team Practice Video - Sawyer makes great move

Sawyer Sez 5.27.2010

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Picture of the Week

Sawyer about to do the "EXALT SPEED FEED PAINT BOB" at Thomas Taylor's Beatdown City Tour Clinic last year. This was the first day of his mohawk after cutting off all his locks.

Monday, May 10, 2010

SAWYER SIGHTING - COOLEST EVER - Sawyer's First Magazine Centerfold - SWEET!!! X3 Magazine

Click the link above - hit page 59 - tada - 2 PAGE SPREAD OF SAWYER SMITH OF MAX'D KIDZ at the NPPL Huntington Beach 2010 - Thanks X3 Magazine

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sawyer Sighting on web page of a Europeon Team This is pretty cool. Someone called and told us they saw it. Sawyer's showing up "across the pond" now!


Max’d Kidz is very pleased to announce the addition of Style Points to their paintball family as the team’s newest sponsor. Style Points, owned by Sacramento XSV player Thomas Taylor, has recently branched out and now offers a custom line of paintball pants that the team will be wearing.

“I’m very happy be sponsoring Max’d Kidz as my first tournament team,” said Taylor. “They will be wearing the new TT Limited 77 pants.”

The team tried out the pants in their 2nd Place finish at The RPL Event #2 in Las Vegas, Nevada 2 weeks ago and were very happy with the quality and performance of the apparel.

“I love the enthusiasm this young, hungry team brings to paintball, on and off the field,” said Taylor. “Last summer on my Beatdown City Tour I had met Sawyer and spent two days working with him at the clinic. Since then I have watchd this 10 year old kid amaze me with his communication and determination on the field.”

Style Points has also released a new jersey.

Max’d Kidz will have both items, pants and jersey, available for sale at their practices and tournaments they are playing in. Email with questions about the gear and to make sure they have the right color and size if you plan to purchase either of the items from them on the fields.
Pictured above is Sawyer on Day 2 of the Beatdown City Tour Clinic with Thomas Taylor (Sawyer's first day with a mohawk)

Picture of the Week

Sawyer at NPPL HB 2010 when we got knocked out