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Thursday, August 9, 2012


The RPL is this weekend at Camp Pendleton. Our team is reffing the event. Who is playing?

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Pictures of the Week - PLURAL

Max'd Kidz June Update

Things have been a bit nuts - but here is the season so far - 

RPL Event #1 - 1st Place D2
D League Event #1 - 4th Place D2
NPPL HB - 3rd Place D2
D League Event #2 - 2nd Place Open Division

Coming up in 2 weeks - D League Event #3

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Picture of the Week


Sawyer Sighting

Well, it's not really a Sawyer Sighting - more of a Max'd Kidz sighting - but check out - Podium List for NPPL HB!!!!!!!!!

NPPL HB 2012

This picture says it all!!!

Soooooooooo cool to see Max’d Kidz on the D2 podium list. The competition was NUTS! Congrats to Arsenal Kidz on winning the Division (even though they beat us in the Semi-Finals in Game 3 to knock us out of contention dang it). They were a great team and gracious Champions and we hope we get to play them again this season. Congrats to all the teams who beat us throughout the tourney. Special congrats to Hawaii Heat for the toughest Quarter-Finals match we’ve ever had. And also big congrats to CP Raiders and Wicked on making the Semi-Finals and finishing 2nd and 4th. That means Camp Pendleton teams took 2nd, 3rd and 4th in D2. Crazy competition on our home fields!!! Finally, thanks to all our supporters in the stands and to our pit crew – thanks to both for being so awesome!!! Paintball is the BEST!!! It would have been nice to write this part before I sent the last one. 

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to all our sponsors. Dye Paintball for everything they do. We wore Dye Head to Toe except tanks and shot our Proto Reflexes and loved them. Thank you to Mike Paxson for your help in the pits. Thank you to Arfan and Gen X Global for the best pods ever. Thank you to Ninja Paintball for all your help and especially to Ray for really helping out this weekend. Thank you to KM Straps and Lief for all you do and provide. Thank you to Brandon and Marky and HK Army and PBFashion for always keeping the team in HHHHHH gear. And a huge thanks to Shawn Walker and Camp Pendleton for providing us with the best practice facility a player could ask for. Again, thank you to all our supporters out there and for all the noise you made this weekend!!! Paintball really is the best.

Sawyer and Todd watching games on the pro field from VIP!

Max'd Kidz on the beach before the event.

Sawyer and his newest sponsor Greg Hastings!

Sawyer, Mel and Roya in the limo on the way to NPPL Players Party!

Sawyer and Shane Howe in the Limo at the NPPL Players Party! 

Sawyer and Dad after the podium

Ken and Zach

Our 2010 Las Vegas D4 NPPL trophy has a new friend - the 2012 HB D2 NPPL trophy!!!

D League Event #1

It was WET!

It was COLD!

We have no pics!

We took 4th!

Not our best day. HATE the rain!!!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Max'd Kidz Paintball Booth

The team did a 10 day fundraiser in February at the Riverside County Fair and National Date Festival. Here are some fun random pics.

Max'd Kidz go shopping at Dye

Sawyer Sighting - Click the Link - Catshack Reports

Picture of the Week

The team sleeping in the RV at the Riverside County Fair doing our fundraiser for the 2012 season!!!

Max'd Kidz wins RPL Event #1

That's right - First Place - D2 - NPPL 5 Man

What a great way to start the season withour new teammates - Will have Pics and Bios of the Team coming in a post soon!!! Here are some Pics of the event until then!!!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Sawyer Sighting - not Sawyer, but the whole team - top of the standings!

Picture of the Week

RPL Event #1 winners in D2!!!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Sawyer plays in his first Pro Division tourney and they take the top spot

Sawyer had the chance to play for Bob Long and his Assassins squad this past weekend in the Ultimate Woodsball League. Sawyer played about a third of the games.

Some of the other Assassins teammates were: Bob Long, Dave Bains, Tyler Harmon, Sonny Lopez, Shane Howe, Chris Lasoya, and LJ Schwarz.

The Assassins won the Pro Division Finals, defeating the CP Raiders whose team's roster included: Oliver Lang, Shawn Walker, Rodeny Squires, Todd Martinez, Davey Williamson, Matty Marshall just to name a few.

So Sawyer was on his first Pro Roster at 12 years old 11 days old. He first played in a Pro Division at 12 years old 11 days. And he won his first Pro Division tourney at 12 years old 12 days old.

Here are a few pics!

Waiting for Game 1 w Kimo

Ready to hop in for Game 2 in almost total darkness

Tyler Harmon and Sawyer talking strategy for a game

Break Time on Day 2 waiting for the Finals - Boys went out to play a little rec ball. Here is Sawyer with Sonny and Dave.

Lots of game planning and work before the Finals

THarm and Sawyer before the Finals

UWL Champs. 1st Place!!!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Picture(s) of the Week

Some fun photos from Sawyer's birthday party playing with his brothers and a bunch of friends from school!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Picture of the Week

Congrats to THarm on his move to SF EXPLICIT!!!