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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

2011 Season Recap (Incl Las Vegas and The RPL to close out the season)

Last but not least, thanks to our sponsors for helping make 2012 so awesome - Ninja Paintball, Planet Eclipse, HK Army and PB Fashion, Shawn Walker and Camp Pendleton Paintball Parks, Gen X Global, Tough Chrono, KM Straps, Derder Productions, Catshack Reports, PBLive, DGX, Paintball Photography and BallersCafe. And a big thanks to Rich Telford for all his guidance this season.

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sawyer Sighting

If you Google NPPL First Place Trophy - goto images - Max'd kidz shows up on Page 1!!! Sweet!!!

Picture of the Week

This one has been out there for a while - but never a Picture of the Week. This was from a photo shoot for the 2011 Gear Guide.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sawyer Sighting

Here is an interview on another site -

Live. Love. Paintball.

New Sawyer Sez on

Click the link to read the latest and greatest Sawyer Sez posted on!-Vegas!&p=479797#post479797

Picture of the Week

Sawyer and Michael doing laning drills with Brandon at the start of practice.

NPPL Las Vegas World Championships Field Layout

Max'd Kidz take 4th in D-League event #3

The Kidz killed it in the prelims - #1 seed going into the playoffs - but things fell apart just a little in the semis and the 3rd/4th match.  We could have won it. We should have won it. But instead we left a little disappointed and learned some more valuable lessons.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sawyer Sightings

Go check out the Planet Eclipse site - - and check out Sawyer and Max'd Kidz in two different videos -

1 - the Slider Short video clip

2 - the ETV Episode video clip on The RPL

Monday, August 22, 2011

Here is A TON of Max'd Kidz updates for the blog

OK - We've been REALLY REALLY bad at updating the blog - it got away from us for a few weeks and then it just kept getting to be more and more to catch up on and we got further and further behind - SORRY!!!

So - we give up - we are going to do one quick catch up post here - and then try to do a better job staying current!!!

Wow - this could be a long post!!!

First - what has happened so far this season -

We are playing Division 2 in all leagues -

RPL Event #1 2nd Place

NPPL HB - Ugly, please don't make me re-live it

NPPL D League Event #1 - 2nd Place

RPL Event #2 - Again, Ugly, please don't make me re-live it
NPPL D League Event #2 - 3rd Place
RPL Event #3 - 1st Place
We continue to work with Rich Telford this season. What he has taught us has simply been amazing!
We have continued to get a large amount of press and exposure. Here is a list of some of it that we can remember:
Action Pursuit Games two page spread in March 2011 Issue
Cover story in Paintball Monthly Press
Interviews and guest spots on dozens of paintball blogs (Link to one as an example here)

Mentions in NPPL Weekly Newsletters (Link to most recent here)

Recently, HB Culture Magazine featured a two page spread of the NPPL HB Event. The first page had four pics - one of Sawyer, one of Dynasty, one of Max'd Kidz and one of the grandstands. That we got 50% of the photo spaces and shared with a team like Dynasty is exciting. The text about us in paragraph four read like this, "On the first day there was one team that really stood out to me. They are called Max' Kidz! They have this 11 year old kid named Sawyer "Soi Soi" Smith, #23, who in his third season kicks some major ass! Sawyer had so much spunk about him and sported a bitchin' green mohawk!! It was so sweet to watch him take out grown adults. I got a chance to meet this kid, who holds himself more like a GI JOE, in the VIP booth and not only was he awesome to watch play but he was also super chill to talk to."

We show up all over the place randomly in other people's paintball videos. LA Hitmen and Max'd Kidz are pretty much the only Divisional teams shown as the rest are all Professional Teams in this particular video link on NPPL HB 2011 (1 minute 46 sec mark).
Max'd Kidz YouTube videos have started to be put up by others (not us but friends and fans) and have accumulated thousands of views. Here is a link to one of them -

Last week Sawyer and his Dad sat down for on camera interviews for the Paintball Documentary coming out soon - "Holding the Wire". Go to to see the movie's trailer. Sawyer and Max'd Kidz will be featured in the movie.
So, there it is in a nutshell! March thru August.

We'll do better updating the blog - WE PROMISE!!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

2011 Season Preview for Max'd Kiz

Time to bring everyone up to speed!!! 2011 is going to be a very exciting paintball season for Sawyer and Max'd Kidz.

First, a shout out to our sponsorship family. Our Platinum Level Sponsors - Planet Eclipse will be supplying the team with Ego 11's and Geo2's as well as pants, gloves and jerseys, Ninja Paintball will be supplying the team with air systems, Camp Pendleton Paintball Park allows us to practice on their fields, Gen X Global will be supplying the team with pods, pods and more pods, DGX as a shop sponsor, PB Fashion will be supplying the team with headbands as well as other misc apparel, Derder Productions will be supplying the team with barrel bands and video coverage. Our Diamond Level Sponsors - KM Straps will be supplying the team with Spines for their loaders and goggle straps. Our Gold Level Sponsors - Ballerscafe, Cashack Reports, NuSkool Paintball, Paintball Photography, PBLive, Style Points, Tough Chrono are all thanked for their support be it through media, coaching help, or gear.

Second, a big thanks to our coach for the 2011 season, Rich Telford of Sacramento XSV. Rich will be working with the team on select weekends all season long in the 7 man format. We have already spent 1 weekend training with him and all I can say is WOW. If you need some coaching - part time - not just full time - CALL RICH!!! Email us for info.

Third - We will be playing our first event of the season next week - The RPL opener in Lake Elsinore (PSP style). We will also be playing all D League events (7 Man affiliate league to the NPPL) as well as 7 man in the NPPL itself. The team has officially moved up from D4 to D2.

Fourth - please allow me to introduce our roster:
Co Captain Larry Ceballos - Back
Co Captain Adam Erbeck - Back
Sawyer Smith - Back
Michael Hanson - Mid
Brandon Teunissen - Back
Brad Lombardo - Mid
Chris Hamilton - Front
Jay Soltani - Mid
James Escobar - Front

Fifth - Team photos will be taken this weekend. Stay tuned!

That's about it for the 2011 season. Wish us luck. Stay tuned for more info and updates about Sawyer and Max'd Kidz by checking the blog at Follow us on Twitter at smithpaintball. Friend us on FaceBook at sawyer dan jonah smith. Watch our YouTube videos at Tune in Wednesdays at 7 pm PST to watch the Sawyer Sez segment on Read the Sawyer Sez column each week at

Here are a few pics of Sawyer with some of his new gear until the team photo shoot this weekend.

Thanks to Derder and KM Straps

Everyone make sure to go to and - show them some support!!!

Sawyer Sez on Ballers Cafe

Here is the link!

Sawyer Sighting

Check out the Sawyer Sez What update on the Catshack Reports

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sawyer Sez Episode #22 Option B

Sawyer Sez Episode 22 Option A

Sawyer Sez Episode 21

Max’d Kidz to use Ninja air systems for 2011

Coming soon - a picture of Max’d Kidz sporting their new Ninja air systems from Platinum Sponsor Ninja Paintball. Max’d Kidz – POWERED BY NINJA!!!

Max’d Kidz to wear and use Planet Eclipse gear for 2011

Coming soon - a picture of Max’d Kidz sporting their new markers from Platinum Sponsor Planet Eclipse. The team will be shooting custom Ego 11’s and Geo 2’s for the 2011 season. They will also be wearing new pants, jerseys and gloves – all provided by Planet Eclipse.

Max’d Kidz registers for 1st event in 3 leagues

Max’d Kidz has officially registered for the first event in all three leagues we will be playing in this year. First up is The RPL on March 5-6 at Jungle Island in Lake Elsinore, CA. To register, go to

Up next is the NPPL’s Surf City Open in Huntington Beach, arguably paintball’s best and most attended event annually. It will be held on the beach by the pier in Huntington Beach on April 1-3. To register, go to

To finish up all the first events we will be playing in, Max’d Kidz is registered for the D League on April 30-May 1at the Camp Pendleton Tournament Parks in Oceanside, CA. To register, go to

Sawyer Sez on BallersCafe is posted

Friday, January 28, 2011

Sawyer Sez on catch ups

Catch the 1/19 and 1/26 Sawyer Sez Episodes #21 and #22 onthe site under the Sawyer Sez section on the home page - they were not posted on YouTube for us to link

Episode #19 NPPL Vegas

Episode #20 RPL Final Fight

Max'd Kidz looking to add a player to roster - maybe two

Max'd Kidz current roster consists of 7 players, but due to playing both 5 man and 7 man for the 2011 season, the team is looking to add one or tweo more players.

Max'd Kidz will be playing at the Division 2 level in the NPPL, D League and RPL in 2011. All players, D1 thru D4 ranked would be alowed to try out (We all know rankings don't always matter) and current rules allow D2 teams to have 2 D1 players on the roster.

Max'd Kidz has great sponsorships for the 2011 season. Specifics can be discussed confidentially.

Players interested should contact Dan Smith ASAP at 949-514-5334 by call or text or email him at

Sawyer Sighting

In the trailer of the movie due out Fall 2011

Sawyer Sighting

APG March 2011 Issue Pages 60 and 61

Max'd Kidz announces sponsors for 2011 season

Max'd Kidz is pleased to announce their sponsors for the 2011 season. Although there are a few deals still in the works, below are the sponsors who will have contracts with and look forward to working with during the 2011 season.

Platinum Sponsors:
Planet Eclipse Ego 11's, Geo 2's, Jerseys, Pants, Gloves
Ninja Paintball Tanks and Regs and Tank Covers
The Paintball Park at Camp Pendleton as our home field
PBFashion Headbands and Casual Wear
Gen X Global Pods
DGX as our Home Store
Diamond Sponsors:
Derder Productions Barrell Bands and Media
KM Straps Goggle Straps and Spines

Gold Sponsors:
BallersCafe Media
Catshack Reports Media
NuSkool Paintball/Nicky Cuba Coaching and Casual Wear
PaintballPhotography Media
PBLive Media
Rich Telford Coaching
Style Points/Thomas Taylor Coaching and Casual Wear
Tough Chrono Chronographs

Max'd Kidz roster changes for 2011

Maving the move to Division 2 for the 2011 season, Max'd Kidz announces the following roster changes:

Chris Talbot, Jesse Escober and Kevin Hunyh will not be on the 2011 roster.

The squad is pleased to announce the addition of 2 new players to their roster - Chris Hamilton and Jay Soltani.

Max'd Kidz to play D2 and 3 leagues in 2011

Max'd Kidz is pleased to announce they will be playing D2 in the NPPL, RPL and D Leagues for the 2011 season.

This will be the 2nd season for the team and their first playing 7 man in addition to 5 man.

More Wrap Up Pics

Wrap Up Pics

Wrap Up - October thru Mid Jan

So - alot has happened since the blog was updated - as the season came to and end last year we were just so busy - and then the off season came and a break from paintball and all the responsibilities came too - but now it's time not only to start grinding at practice - but grinding on all the other stuff too like the blog, Facebook, Twitter, Sawyer Sez, Etc.

Where we left off - Bonus Balls leading up to NPPL Vegas. We took 2nd. We had it in the bag, let down, got pushed to a 1on1 and then lost it. Bummer. Free entry to Vegas - GONE. OUCH.

Then the week before Vegas - our snake player James breaks his hand at practice. OUCH OUCH.

Then we go to Vegas with 7 guys on the roster - One is having a baby that weekend. One is told if he misses work he is fired. One has a family member die and has to go to the funeral. Down to 4 guys on Wednesday night already in Las Vegas. OUCH OUCH OUCH.

We called EVERYONE frantic to pick up a player - we pick up Brandon Cornell from the Pirates. He came up Thursday. We started playing Friday. We went to Sunday with the #3 seed out of the prelims.

Played good but not great in Vegas. Our roster was a mess. Cornell played good - but the team didn't quite click. We got 3rd when the event was over. Good but still sort of an ouch. Would have stomped with our full roster.

Good news is Sawyer played like a hero. We only had 5 players with Cornell filling in for the fifth spot so Sawyer played every game. Lots of G's. Even won 2 games by himself at the end - both being 1on1's with time running down but he shot 'em out - grabbed and hung the flag both times - REALLY AWESOME. He really picks it up for the big events.

We finish NPPL D4 ranked 5th for season - pretty good only playing 2 of 4 events.

Next we have RPL. We won the event and we won the Series Title for AAA.

Next we have WCPPL. Never playing WCPPL again. Hinman is a joke. Totally cheated. Didn't effect us really, but he still cheated. We just got stomped. But he's still DIRTY. We played the event at D2 for the first time. Also played a Race format for the first time. Took some getting used to, but was a great learning experience and we had a total blast. For sure helped for going into the 2011 season.

Ended up #2 in D4 in the WCPPL without even playing the final event in that Division. Pretty cool.

So then we just sort of hung out, played some rec ball and relaxed the rest of December and February. Now it is January 2011. We have had a few practices, changed our roster a bit - and James our snake player is back practicing with us. Check the other posts for all the exciting stuff. Hope this brings everyone up to speed quickly.