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Friday, June 25, 2010

Another Sawyer Sighting

Go to - look on the left hand side of the page towards the bottom - see the new "Hide and Seek" Kingman Training video featuring Sawyer.

Sawyer Sighting

Go to page 69 of the Skymall magazine and see a half page ad for Kingman Training featuring Sawyer. Here is the link for the magazine. linked to the BLOG to support Team Max'd Kidz is now linked to our BLOG  All purchases made on Amazon thru our BLOG will benefit team Max'd Kidz.  is contributing a portion of each sale to the team's budget. Please tell you family, friends, and  - well heck - everyone -that if they are going to buy from to do so from our BLOG and in the process help out a young Divisonal paintball team.

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Sawyer Sez on #11 3 parts Interview with Oliver Lang - Happy Father's Day - Interview with Oliver Lang - Wrap up

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Picture of the Week

Sawyer and John playing recball at SC Village

New Sawyer Sez 6.24.2010 on


Finally, we can let the cat out of the bag.

In March, Sawyer did a photo shoot for Kingman Training. The purpose of the photo shoot was to create an ad to be featured Nationwide in magazines on airlines. Just about everyone has looked at a Skymall magazine before. The Summer 2010 magazine has now been released. If you won't be on a plane in the near future, you can check it out at the Skymall website virtual magazine - It is a half page ad on Page 69.

As far as anyone knows, this is the first time a paintball product has been advertised nationally to the mainstream public.

"It's pretty cool", Sawyer said about the ad. "I hope more people learn about paintball and start to play because they see the ad. I hope a lot of kids will tell their parents they want to try it and the sport will grow."

Kingman Training brought Sawyer back for a video shoot in June. They wanted to bring the photo shoot to life and feature the video on their website. It is now on the font page of their website - look toward the bottom left -

Kingman Training is Sawyer's biggest sponsor. "We have a few of the pistols, and they are so much fun to play with in the back yard. My brothers and I really like playing with them at home," said Sawyer. "We've even played with them on the fields before when we play recball."

Both the photo shoot and the video were filmed locally at the world famous Hollywood Sports Park, part of the Giant paintball family.

Sawyer normally has several of the Kingman Training pistols with him at practices and tournaments that he lets players try out  as part of the "Next Big Thing" tour that Kingman Training has going. If you see him out there, just ask him.

This is a somewhat direct link to the ad -

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Awesome remix of Sawyer playing with XSV


Sawyer Sez 6.10.2010

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sawyer Sighting

This was a wierd find - Sawyer has a whole page on this Europeon Futbol (soccer) website - I guess Europeon Futbol players like paintball?

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Busy Weekend of paintball with the Pros and more - Lots to look at

This weekend, Sawyer and Jonah were at a practice at Camp Pendleton with Infamous, XSV, Dynasty and Ironmen preparing for the upcoming PSP Chicago. On Sunday Sawyer played some woodsball with his brother Jonah, his dad and a friend, John. Below you will find lots of pics and videos of both days.

Practice on Saturday with the Pros was great. A lot of the guys took time during the day to mentor Sawyer and talk strategy and gameplan. They talked about what was working and what wasn't working. It was a really good day for learning. Sawyer also got to play a little and one of the videos below is of him in a game with XSVagainst Ironmen. XSV won. Sawyer had a blast. Tyler Harmon was really great to Sawyer and coached him in the game and hung out with him throughout the day.

Later that night we went back to te hotel with the XSV crew to swim and hot tub. Then we were able to join them for a team dinner as well. Sawyer and Jonah thought that was great as well of course.

Sunday was just a fun day of playing rec ball. It was pretty amazing to see how much better Sawyer has gotten. You can really tell from a year ago when he steps on the field against walk ons now HE LIGHTS EM UP.

Hope you enjoy!!! - Sawyer playing with XSV beating Ironmen - Sawyer after game interview

Picture of the Week

Sawyer with Tyler harmon after practice one day!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Hawaiian Island Creations - HIC - Signs Sawyer to Wear Clothing Line

We are very pleased to announce that Hawaiian Island Creations, or HIC, has aksed Sawyer to wear it's line of clothing. HIC ( and Sawyer bumped into each other at the NPPL Huntington Beach tournament in April when Sawyer put a few HIC stickers on his gear. Photos featuring Sawyer playing with the HIC stickers on his goggles have appeared in several places since then, including the extra large 2 page centerfold in the May issue of PaintballX3 (  Pages 58-59.

A box of HIC gear for Sawyer to wear at the fields arrived yesterday with clothes specially fitted to Sawyer's size.

HIC is a family owned company based on the Hawaiian Islands. Sawyer says the company's board shorts are perfect to wear under his pants on the field. "I like the designs," said Sawyer. "I'm going to like being able to just take my playing pants off and already be wearing my HIC board shorts. It will also be nice to have clean HIC tshirts to put on too after playing. But I really like their hats. They fit me great and the designs are really cool."

Pictures - Top - Sawyer after a game NPPL HB 2010. 2nd - Sawyer at the trade show NPPL HB 2010. Bottom Left and Bottom Right - Sawyer at home trying on some of his new HIC gear.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sawyer Sighting