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Monday, August 22, 2011

Here is A TON of Max'd Kidz updates for the blog

OK - We've been REALLY REALLY bad at updating the blog - it got away from us for a few weeks and then it just kept getting to be more and more to catch up on and we got further and further behind - SORRY!!!

So - we give up - we are going to do one quick catch up post here - and then try to do a better job staying current!!!

Wow - this could be a long post!!!

First - what has happened so far this season -

We are playing Division 2 in all leagues -

RPL Event #1 2nd Place

NPPL HB - Ugly, please don't make me re-live it

NPPL D League Event #1 - 2nd Place

RPL Event #2 - Again, Ugly, please don't make me re-live it
NPPL D League Event #2 - 3rd Place
RPL Event #3 - 1st Place
We continue to work with Rich Telford this season. What he has taught us has simply been amazing!
We have continued to get a large amount of press and exposure. Here is a list of some of it that we can remember:
Action Pursuit Games two page spread in March 2011 Issue
Cover story in Paintball Monthly Press
Interviews and guest spots on dozens of paintball blogs (Link to one as an example here)

Mentions in NPPL Weekly Newsletters (Link to most recent here)

Recently, HB Culture Magazine featured a two page spread of the NPPL HB Event. The first page had four pics - one of Sawyer, one of Dynasty, one of Max'd Kidz and one of the grandstands. That we got 50% of the photo spaces and shared with a team like Dynasty is exciting. The text about us in paragraph four read like this, "On the first day there was one team that really stood out to me. They are called Max' Kidz! They have this 11 year old kid named Sawyer "Soi Soi" Smith, #23, who in his third season kicks some major ass! Sawyer had so much spunk about him and sported a bitchin' green mohawk!! It was so sweet to watch him take out grown adults. I got a chance to meet this kid, who holds himself more like a GI JOE, in the VIP booth and not only was he awesome to watch play but he was also super chill to talk to."

We show up all over the place randomly in other people's paintball videos. LA Hitmen and Max'd Kidz are pretty much the only Divisional teams shown as the rest are all Professional Teams in this particular video link on NPPL HB 2011 (1 minute 46 sec mark).
Max'd Kidz YouTube videos have started to be put up by others (not us but friends and fans) and have accumulated thousands of views. Here is a link to one of them -

Last week Sawyer and his Dad sat down for on camera interviews for the Paintball Documentary coming out soon - "Holding the Wire". Go to to see the movie's trailer. Sawyer and Max'd Kidz will be featured in the movie.
So, there it is in a nutshell! March thru August.

We'll do better updating the blog - WE PROMISE!!!