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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bonus Balls Event #4 Sept 2010

Winning First is WAY more fun than winning Second. Last weekend we played in the 4th event of the Bonus Balls Series - we had the #1 seed going into the playoffs - we were in the Finals - we won Game 1 - and then we let down. A stale in Game 2 and a loss in Game 3 took us to a 1 on 1 tiebreaker. We tied. Another 1 on 1 - we tied! Another 1 on 1 - we tied! Another 1 on 1 - we lost! Quadruple overtime. And we lost. Such a bummer. It's still great to win 2nd Place - but we feel we had this one and just lost it. It was no one persons fault. We should have finished it in Game 2 or 3 of the Finals. The guys who did the 1 on 1's put a lot of weight on their shoulders. I was really worried because it was my time to play if there were 2 more ties. So I think we learned a pretty valuable lesson this week - or two! First, finish strong and don't put yourself in that position. Second, we should practice 1 on 1's more.

BallersCafe Sawyer Sez 9.28.2010

Picture of the Week

Sawyer and Dad at Decay of Nations IV at SC Village 8/2010

Monday, September 20, 2010

Another Orange County Newspaper Sawyer Sighting

GO TO PAGE 4 of the newspaper

Derder Productions videos of Max'd Kidz at WCPPL

Thanks to Derder for all the great videos!!!


Semi Finals

Quarter Finals

Sweet 16


Paintball Extravaganza 2010 in Orange County CA

We went!

It rocked!

We hooked up with some sponsors!

Stay tuned for the news when we release it!

Sawyer Sighting

Sawyer Sez on BallersCafe 9.20.2010

Picture of the Week

Sawyer an Jonah after RPL Fresno 9.2010 - Sawyer won 1st in 5 man and 3 man - Jonah won 1st in 3 man beginner