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Monday, April 12, 2010

PSP Event #1, Phoenix, Arizona 3.2010 and videos - Sawyer coaching Newport Entourage - Long vid - napkin war

PSP Event #1 - Phoenix, Arizona - March 2010

Awesome trip. First PSP event. Being held Friday thru Sunday, pulled Sawyer out of school early Thursday and hit the road for the next state over. 7 hours later we were checking in to our hotel. Infamous had 1 game Friday and 2 on Saturday. We were super lucky and got to be pit crew for them for the whole weekend. We also coached the Golden State Pirate team, who was playing D3.

Infamous started with a come from behind win over Dynasty to start the tourney. Down 4-1, they rolled off 6 straight points to win 7-4. We learned so much about X-Ball from spending time over the weekend in the pits with these guys. It was great pitting for them. Last season we pitted for a few teams, but this was our first time for the Infamous crew. Since their roster has been largely rebuilt it was great meeting a lot of new guys. Their roster consisted of Todd Martinez (who didn’t play due to injury), long time infamous players Rusty Glaze and Travis Lemanski, Nicky Cuba and JR (who we pitted for last year on Ironmen, but never at a PSP event), Bobby Aviles (pitted for him on HK Army), and then all the players we never met before but had a great time meeting - Marcello Margott, Alex Savino, Zach Wake, Cali Rudolph and LB Fow.

On Friday night we went to dinner with the team and had a stinkin’ blast. Todd and Sawyer were like two kids in a candy store (Sawyer should be since he’s 10 J - we love you Todd). A food fight with the whole team pretty much broke out. Sawyer poured a sugar pack down A-Rod’s butt. Nicky stole LB’s keys. The server was afraid of Dad. JRab and Chris Lasoya ended up crashin’ the dinner. It was a ton of fun.

On Saturday Infamous started with another come from behind win over Ironmen, a great grudge match to watch. Ironmen was up 6-3 and ready to win but Infamous dug deep and rolled off 4 straight points to win 7-6. Talk about exciting. Being in the pits for this one was the best thing ever. Up next was the new Pro team Vicious who fought hard but again lost to the boys in Orange. Infamous was the only undefeated team making it out of the prelims with a 3-0 record heading in to Sunday. Saturday night was a chill night for everyone and we spent it playing miniature golf.

Sunday was the day that everything went wrong. The Russians lost in the Quarter Finals (Infamous had a bye). Dynasty got bumped in the Quarter Finals too. Then Infamous lost two straight to Impact and Shock to finish 4th and Impact came out of nowhere to win it all in Cinderella Story fashion. On a brighter note, the Golden State Pirates took first place for D3.
All in all a great, great event and we can’t wait for the next one we can make it to.

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