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Friday, January 28, 2011

Wrap Up - October thru Mid Jan

So - alot has happened since the blog was updated - as the season came to and end last year we were just so busy - and then the off season came and a break from paintball and all the responsibilities came too - but now it's time not only to start grinding at practice - but grinding on all the other stuff too like the blog, Facebook, Twitter, Sawyer Sez, Etc.

Where we left off - Bonus Balls leading up to NPPL Vegas. We took 2nd. We had it in the bag, let down, got pushed to a 1on1 and then lost it. Bummer. Free entry to Vegas - GONE. OUCH.

Then the week before Vegas - our snake player James breaks his hand at practice. OUCH OUCH.

Then we go to Vegas with 7 guys on the roster - One is having a baby that weekend. One is told if he misses work he is fired. One has a family member die and has to go to the funeral. Down to 4 guys on Wednesday night already in Las Vegas. OUCH OUCH OUCH.

We called EVERYONE frantic to pick up a player - we pick up Brandon Cornell from the Pirates. He came up Thursday. We started playing Friday. We went to Sunday with the #3 seed out of the prelims.

Played good but not great in Vegas. Our roster was a mess. Cornell played good - but the team didn't quite click. We got 3rd when the event was over. Good but still sort of an ouch. Would have stomped with our full roster.

Good news is Sawyer played like a hero. We only had 5 players with Cornell filling in for the fifth spot so Sawyer played every game. Lots of G's. Even won 2 games by himself at the end - both being 1on1's with time running down but he shot 'em out - grabbed and hung the flag both times - REALLY AWESOME. He really picks it up for the big events.

We finish NPPL D4 ranked 5th for season - pretty good only playing 2 of 4 events.

Next we have RPL. We won the event and we won the Series Title for AAA.

Next we have WCPPL. Never playing WCPPL again. Hinman is a joke. Totally cheated. Didn't effect us really, but he still cheated. We just got stomped. But he's still DIRTY. We played the event at D2 for the first time. Also played a Race format for the first time. Took some getting used to, but was a great learning experience and we had a total blast. For sure helped for going into the 2011 season.

Ended up #2 in D4 in the WCPPL without even playing the final event in that Division. Pretty cool.

So then we just sort of hung out, played some rec ball and relaxed the rest of December and February. Now it is January 2011. We have had a few practices, changed our roster a bit - and James our snake player is back practicing with us. Check the other posts for all the exciting stuff. Hope this brings everyone up to speed quickly.

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